Timeline is a science fiction novel first released in November 1999. Its about a team of historians and archeologists going back in time after finding modern artifacts at a archelogical site, trying to investigate where it comes from.


Timeline has been adapted to a movie version which were released in 2003. The difference between the book at the movie are as follow:

  • In the movie it is the professors son, Chris Johnston and his archeological colleges who go back in time. In the book he is named Chris Hughes and they are not related.
  • There appears to be a fifth student, François Dontelle of the group which are going back in time.
  • Minor name changes has been done in the movie. First name is how it appears in the book, last name is how it appears the movie. :
    • Chris Hughes as Chris Johnston.
    • Kate Erickson as Kate Ericson.
    • André Marek as Andre Marek.
    • David Stern as Josh Stern.
    • Sir Robert de Kere as William de Kere.