"He'll think he's been turned into a machine!  You've heard him talking about how machines are going to overthrough us!  You can't use him for this!"

                --Dr. Ross, warning Morris of her fear

The Terminal Man is one of the many novels by Michael Crichton.  It's genre was Science Fiction.

Plot Summary Edit

Harry Benson has been suffering from seizures that cause him to become a ruthless monster who will attack anyone and anything.  Benson is suffering from these seizures because he has obtained brain damage, and the effects of the brain damage make him have these seizures, and are causing him to slowly go mad.  Because of this, he needs to be escorted by the police on his way to the hospital where a surgery will be performed on him.  The surgery is a first attempt at a new experiment.  They plan on making him no longer have seizures by implanting microscopic electrodes into his brain and, when he starts to have a seizure, an electrode will give his brain an electric shock that will stop the seizure.  They have to find out which electrode will stop him from having a seizure first, and have a testing session to see which electrode will stop the seizures.  Then that electrode is programmed to deliver an electric shock when ever a seizure is about to start.  This surgery, however, cannot stop him from going insane.  It was never ment to.  The problem with using Benson for this, however, is that part of him going insane makes it so he rambles on and on about how machines are plotting to overthrough us...  Dr. Ross informs Morris that this may be a bad idea, testing this new operation on him, because he is going to think he has been turned into a machine.  Morris doesn't listen, however.  After the operation is preformed succesfully, Benson refers to him self as a ticking time-bomb.  Later, Dr. Ross finds out that Benson is starting to produce more and more seizures, more and more frequently.  This is due to Benson actually liking the electric shocks, and his body produces more seizures, so he can get the feeling the shocks bring.  The shocks will not stop the seizures all the time however, and by analizing the computer data, Dr. Ross finds out that Harry will have a seizure at 6:00 AM.  She goes to find Benson, and Benson has escaped.  Now they have to find Benson, before it is too late... or else she dies

Characters Edit

Dr. John Ellis

Dr. Robert Morris

Harold Franklin Benson A.K.A. Harry Benson

Dr. Janet Ross


Dr. Roger A. McPherson

Doris Blankfurt A.K.A. Angela Black





Dr. Arthur Ramos

Captain Anders

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